If you have been struggling with a sleep problem and you feel like you have tried ‘all the things’ but yet all the things that are meant to help, aren’t making any difference at all, this post is for you. 

Sleep hygiene is the term that is given to basically making sure that you have the right environment set up in order to support you to sleep.

It is the advice that tends to be everywhere and it is what you will mostly find if you do a google search. Sleep hygiene is the mainstream advice around sleep and how to sleep better. 

Sleep hygiene includes things like: 

– making sure that you are limiting your caffeine intake

– making sure that your bedroom is dark

– avoiding the blue light from screens (mobile phones, laptops etc)

– having a warm bath before you go to bed

– advice to take various supplements or use things like Himalayan salt lamps

While some of these things do matter and setting up your sleeping environment is important, it is not all that matters. The sleep hygiene advice alone is only going to make a significant difference if your sleep problem is very low level or you only struggle with the quality of your sleep. 

 If you have tried all of these things and they are just not making any difference, it is simply because you have a TRUE sleep problem and the sleep hygiene advice is just too low level for your needs. 

I like to describe this as being like putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg – the leg can heal but it needs the right tools, at the right level of the problem to fix it. 

Sleep hygiene for a TRUE sleep problem is simply trying to put a low level solution onto a bigger problem.

So, if you feel like you have been trying everything and nothing is working, it is simply because the tools have been too low level for the problem. 

Sleep problems exist because for some reason (there are many), your mind and / or your body have begun to resist sleep. They are blocking sleep which they actually believe they are doing for your benefit. Fundamentally, they are trying to keep you safe. 

The mind and / or body are essentially running a programme to block sleep which overrides the natural programming to get good sleep. 

You can use my self assessment tool to find out more about these programmes and find out which programme is blocking your sleep. 

When you are running a (subconscious) programme that is blocking sleep, all the good habits and all the sleep hygiene in the world are not going to make any difference, because even if it ‘works’ for a night or two, very quickly that subconscious programming will take over again because your mind and body truly believe that it is for the best. 

So, solving a true sleep problem is about understanding what unhelpful programme your mind and body are running and then retraining your body and mind out of that so you can sleep well again. 

This involves:

– Resetting your body chemistry

– Changing the way that your mind approaches sleep

– Altering your body clock back to a more helpful pattern which accommodates good sleep.

This is not a difficult process but it does require some expert guidance because this gets to the problem at the root so it can be changed for good. 

So, if sleep hygiene isn’t working for you, or if nothing seems to be making any difference, it is just because that is the lowest form of treatment available for you and you just need to advance to the next level to find the appropriate treatment for you.

Please do not ever give up or assume that you are stuck with bad sleep just because sleep hygiene isn’t working for you. I see people very regularly recover quickly from 20 + years of sleeping badly, just because they started using the level of treatment that was appropriate to the problem.  

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