When you are struggling with your sleep, it can feel confusing, complicated and frustrating.

I want to try to simply things for you here by explaining the 3 main reasons for sleeplessness:

1) Your mind is not switching off.

Your sleeplessness is caused because your mind just doesn’t seem to want to stop. This could be simply from the volume of thoughts coming into your mind, it might be that great ideas and inspiration keep coming to mind or it might feel like total nonsense whizzing through your head.

There are two ways you can experience this problem.

First, when you get into bed, your mind is busy and you struggle to get to sleep.

Second, you get to sleep with no problems but after a few hours you wake up with a busy mind.

Or, you might experience a combination of these.

2) Sleep anxiety.

With sleep anxiety, the way you feel about your sleep itself is the cause of the problems.

This might be feeling anxious about going to bed or being able to get to sleep etc. If you struggle with sleep anxiety, you tend to know that you are getting in your own way with sleep but you don’t know how to change it.

You will be thinking about sleep a lot during the day time and the evening and you probably dread bedtime.

3) Habit insomnia

This is the type of insomnia that feels the most confusing. This type of insomnia could have originally started with your mind not being able to switch off or an anxiety about sleep or it might have started with a life event like a bereavement or hospital stay which naturally disrupts sleep.

Your mind and body get stuck in a pattern of sleeping, (or not sleeping) in a certain way.

The sleep issue has dropped below the surface and may have become a long term issue because it takes significant action to change these subconscious habits.

With habit insomnia, it can feel that there is no rhyme or reason to sleep. You might wake up at the same time every night or every night could be different. You might have a bad night when you expect to have a good one and vice versa.

Regardless of the cause of sleeplessness, it is always choosing to do something about it that matters most. All types of sleep problems are equally fixable.

To press the ‘reset’ button on sleep which is what I advocate for, it doesn’t matter which type of sleep issue you have, the process is pretty much the same, just with the emphasis on different areas.

Sleep issues are not complex or inventive, you just need to gain some insight and understanding in order to create change.


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