In this video, I joined Lin Alchin from ‘Inspire Beyond Belief’ for a Q&A session for her Facebook followers. 

We answered the questions asked by her audience which included:

What do you recommend for jet lag?

– I often wake around 3-5am and struggle to get back to sleep. I do nap during the day because I feel so tired. How can I get out of this cycle?

-I fall asleep very easily but wake in the wee hours and don’t go to sleep again. Tried all the things: no PC, exercise or meals before bed, …..????

– How can I shake off nightmares in the morning?

– What do you suggest to calm my overactive mind. I find it hard to fall asleep as my mind is racing all over the place. Sometimes I wake feeling this way too and struggle to get back to sleep.

– How much sleep should I be getting each night? I am wondering if I am not getting enough. What are the symptoms of too little sleep?

– My husband will often take a sleeping pill at night to help him sleep. Can these be addictive? Is there another way to help him sleep better. He is now in his 70’s

Links mentioned:

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You can check out Lin’s ‘Inspire Beyond Belief’ website here