I know that there are so many people struggling with a sleep problem that have found themselves feeling lost and hopeless. I have decided to share a series of stories from my clients (with their permission of course) with the aim of putting positive information out into the world and inspiring hope for anyone having difficulties.

Sue’s sleep problem in brief:

+ 6-8 years of insomnia

+ Seemed to begin during menopause but continued long after the end of menopause

+ Difficulty getting to sleep or early hours waking and not able to get back to sleep

+ Sense of brain waking up when the lights go off – ‘can’t switch off’

+ Experienced a number of recent minor health issues – likely caused by low immune system

In hER words…

Describe how things were for you just before you found Emma (e.g., how long the problem had been going on for, how much sleep you were getting, how you were feeling).

Before I started I was having sleep problems on number of nights each week. This would either involve great difficulty getting to sleep or waking in middle of the night and unable to get back to sleep. I was feeling and looking tired and during the past year had a number of minor health issues and infections (urinary tract and upper respiratory infections).

Describe how things are for you now. What has changed?

I can report a considerable change – improvement – in my sleep pattern. I now sleep very well – and do not experience trouble in getting to sleep or being awake for long periods during the night. As a consequence I feel much better in myself and feel that I look much better too.

If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice or support when you were struggling, what would it be?

If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice or support when I was struggling it would be to seek help at a much, much  earlier point. My sleep problem had been going on for 6-8 years – beginning with the menopause- but continuing after other symptoms such as hot flushes had finished. It took me a long while to see it as  a ‘problem’ that could be addressed by seeing help!

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

I’m entirely happy with the experience and service offered by  Emma.