Part 1 of 4

Do you have a mind that won’t switch off to let you sleep? There are 2 ways to know:

+ The first is that you go to bed but you don’t seem to be able to stop thinking. You lie awake for ages, sometimes hours before you can eventually get to sleep.

+ The second is that you get to sleep no problem, you are out like a light when your head hits the pillow but it only lasts a couple of hours before you are awake as if someone has turned on the lights in your head. As soon as you wake up you are alert and your mind starts going and then you might lie there wide awake for ages.

Either way, you know you are tired but your mind doesn’t want to switch off.

Trying to go to sleep when you know you should be asleep feels impossible because there are so many thoughts in your head that you feel wide awake.

You end up just laid on your pillow in the dark with your head whizzing.

The thoughts won’t stop coming, the ideas won’t stop coming even the nonsense won’t stop coming.

It’s so frustrating.

You get some sleep but you know its not enough because you still feel really tired.

You need coffee to get you going in the morning and struggle to feel capable of facing everything you need to do in the day.

You are tired but wired.

You don’t seem to be able to find the off switch.

Although this is a common experience, it is significantly damaging your health and wellbeing because it leaves you exhausted and running on adrenalin.

You have probably even wondered if maybe you are just someone who doesn’t need much sleep.

This is not the case, your sleep is just being severely blocked and only you can unblock it.