Part 2 of 4

Let me explain.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body needs to give you a big shot of adrenalin to get through the day.

You probably feel slow to start in the morning but then at some point the adrenalin will kick in to make sure you can meet all of your obligations in the day.

So by the end of the day you have been busy and it is adrenalin that has got you through.

This adrenalin is still buzzing around your system when you go to bed which keeps your mind active – it still thinks you need to be doing things and switched on.

Your mind didn’t get the memo that its night time and time to be quiet.

So because of that, it is harder to get to sleep, it could take hours.

And when you do drop off, the quality of your sleep is likely to be lower than it should be to give you the rest you need.

You don’t get enough sleep, you get up in the morning and the adrenalin kicks in to get you through and the whole cycle starts again.

You are stuck in a cycle because the biggest block to sleeping well is adrenalin and you have far too much of it.

Carry on as you are and not only will things stay as they are, you will burn out your health and your wellbeing.

A human being was not designed to live this way.

It’s not your fault.

There is no one teaching us how to avoid this pitfall of the human mind.

Life is becoming more and more 24/7 and your mind is constantly getting the message from the outside world that there is no need to stop.

Its not your fault, but getting good sleep is your responsibility.

At the moment, your mind is in charge.

You feel your mind just ‘wont switch off’.

Your mind is always busy.

But here’s the thing…who put your mind in charge?

How come your mind is getting to call all the shots?

Your mind is meant to be a tool, not the ruler of your life!

We need to train that mind like an unruly puppy and get it working for you, not against you.