Sleep Seekers

Founded by Emma Ashford

Sleep Therapist

You are not getting enough sleep but your not sure what to do about it.

You feel like you have tried ‘all the tricks in the book’ but nothing has worked.

You are not sure what other options there are available to you.

That is all totally normal and that is why Sleep Seekers exists.

Sleep Seekers is for you if you have a hard time at bedtime.

Whether it be that your mind ‘won’t switch off’, an anxiety about sleep or long term insomnia, if you are not getting enough sleep and you want more, you are in the right place.

Sleep Seekers is for you whether you have had sleep problems as long as you can remember or whether you are new to the experience of sleep deprivation.

We are all about education and awareness building, sleep promotion and most importantly sleep therapy and recovery for all experiences and levels of sleep troubles.

I started Sleep Seekers with a very clear mission: To rid the world of unnecessary insomnia.

I do not believe that the majority of people need to continue to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation. Sleeping troubles can be solved quickly and easily with the right step by step approach to treating the problem from all angles.

You do not simply have to settle for a mind that doesn’t ‘switch off’ to let you sleep – Let’s do something about it and get your mind working to your advantage.

You are not stuck with feeling anxious about your bed and night time – Let’s change your mindset so you can get out of your own way to get the sleep you need.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have had problems sleeping for a long time that you are beyond help – Let’s make today the day it starts to change. My experience is that it really doesn’t matter how long the problem has existed, it is no harder to treat than if it was a short term issue.

Sleep Seekers is for everyone who spends time staring at the ceiling when they are in bed, wishing they could be asleep.

A bit about me

I am qualified as a counsellor, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach and I have run a busy private practice for 8 years, during which time I found my love of working with all things sleep and insomnia.

This specialism was not a plan and I certainly didn’t expect it. It came from experience and seeing huge success. I collected up strategies and techniques from all my training and experience and put them together into my own model. I saw what worked over and over again and I saw patterns emerging. I got to know insomnia and other sleep difficulties inside out. I got a huge amount of satisfaction from helping a person get their life back.

I saw people ‘come back to life’ over and over again as they took control of their sleep and got the rest they needed. How could you not love that?

But, I also had 2 children in just over 2 years.

My priorities changed.

My time shrunk and I could not meet the demand for my services.

It was so unsatisfying because I love working with people to get their sleep back and I knew there is a big need for what I do.

I used to drive home from work and have such a strong sense of being ‘tapped on the shoulder’ to do so much more with my sleep work.

There is so much I want to do – help individuals get their sleep back on track and get rid of sleep problems, to break down the stigma and misunderstandings of sleep issues and to educate and prevent sleep issues from developing in the first place.

So, Sleep Seekers was conceived and born – my 3rd baby.

Through Sleep Seekers I teach sleep.

I teach you how to reset your sleep by supporting you through my sleep therapy programme.

This is designed for you if you find it hard to ‘turn off’ your mind at night time, you have struggled with long term insomnia or if you struggle with sleep anxiety.

I provide education and I raise awareness of sleep issues and the therapeutic approach to getting sleep back on track.

I love to talk about sleep and I love to help people to understand what is going wrong at night time and how we can fix it.

Sleep Seekers goes way beyond the usual advice about limiting caffeine, reducing screen time and writing down your worries. We go into what really matters – resetting your body and mind to sleep, just like it was designed to do.

Although I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, senior hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach, I do not exclusively use any of these approaches in my sleep programme – rather I have collected up the best of each and applied it alongside a big dose of science and common sense to create my own unique method to tackle sleep problems which has been proven over years of working with sleep deprived clients.

I naturally inject a playful element to my approach because we are all human and we all possess a human brain which can cause mayhem from time to time. I am all about normalising this and helping you to have fun quickly learning to control your mind and use it to your advantage to get the sleep you need. Plus, when you are sleep deprived you don’t want dull and boring, you need positive and engaging which is what I aim to be.

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As well as working with individuals on their sleep, I train and educate on sleep and sleep issues as a featured guest expert on various social media channels and radio, I have consulted for the police force on sleep and I provide workshops for businesses and organisations.

Please get in touch if you would like to feature me or are interested in a bespoke workshop for your workplace.