Holiday time can be a really big struggle if you suffer with sleep problems. This is something I hear talked about a lot in my work but is not really talked about in the mainstream much at all.

Hopefully this post can help to change that…

Holidays are meant to be thoroughly enjoyable, a treat, restful and for most, they should be one of the highlights of your year. Whether its a weekend break, a family holiday or a night away with friends, holidays matter to our health, happiness and general quality of life.

But over the years I have heard stories over and over again of how sleep issues affect holidays, spoil holidays and even stop people booking holidays in the first place.

I hate to hear this because I know that it is mostly preventable, and I know that you deserve to enjoy your holidays.

So, the 3 ways I most commonly hear about sleep issues affecting holidays are:

1) Being unable to sleep in a bed with your partner

Many people with sleep issues regularly sleep in a different bed to their partner or at least know they can escape to another bed if they need to. Often on holiday, there is nowhere to go. You are in a smaller space and there is more pressure to sleep next to your partner, to stay in bed so as not to wake them up etc.

This can create worry, even less sleep, arguments etc. I also often hear about people booking twin beds which they find upsetting or frustrating, or ending up sleeping on the floor so as not to be so bothered by their partner or not wake them up.

2) Anxiety about not being able to sleep in a different place

Sometimes, the anxiety about whether or not you will sleep on holiday, makes you dread it before you even get there. This might be based on experiences of past holidays, worries about different beds or different routines, or it might just be based in your own anxieties.

This is a very normal reaction to your sleeping difficulties but unfortunately, the more you struggle with this anxiety, the more likely it is that you will struggle to sleep.

This anxiety about sleep can really ruin a holiday, and very often prevent you from booking it in the first place. I have met lots of people who have backed out of going right at the last minute, letting family or friends go off without them. This is heartbreaking but understandable because sleep is that important.

3) Not enjoying things fully due to sleep deprivation

If you go on your holiday and you do not sleep well – perhaps just the same as always or perhaps worse than normal – it can really impact what you feel like you can do during the day. You might not feel up to sightseeing or relaxed meals in the evening. You might only be able to focus on how tired you are or you might be lost in your sadness and desperation with this problem.

Sleep deprivation can turn people into a shadow of themselves. This is a rubbish way for you to spend a holiday, for you and for the people you are with. Of course this is going to significantly affect how much you enjoy your holiday.

Those are the main 3 ways that I see sleep problems affect holidays.

There are 2 things I want you to know:

It doesn’t have to be like this – you can change this ready for your next holiday

– You have to choose to do something about it in order for something to be different.

If anything I have talked about in this video resonates with you, my invitation for you today is for you to take a look at the sleep therapy work I do through Sleep Seekers and book in a sleep assessment with me. In a sleep assessment I help you to understand your sleep problem and what you can do to change it. I am all about tackling a sleep problem at the appropriate level to create a ‘sleep reset’ as I call it. I am inviting you to say yes to yourself and allow your next holiday to be full of great sleep, rest and fun.

As always, if you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch.

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